Constant reporting of your document distribution

Thanks to our reporting system you know at Acto Group perfectly well what is going on.  Our document distribution platform gives you a complete and current survey – you get a continuous update.


Status changes, feedback and production data

You can follow on the platform the status changes in the process of sending your documents dependent on the agreed workflow. You  can carefully monitor the route and  together we will decide how to adapt the forwarding strategies.

You will get feedback on the production level, for instance about the status of a document. You will even receive all production data and how they will appear on your invoice.


We pay close attention to every detail

  • Printed matter post will look attractive thanks to the diligent work of our operators.
  • Our process control will immediately detect the slightest mistake.
  • We apply strict procedures when adjustments have to be made.
  • This guarantees a timely distribution. Exactly according to plan.