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Digital invoicing via Acto Group is saving us considerable staff costs involving folding invoices, stamping them and bringing these to the post office. We make our invoices and send them to the Acto Group. They make sure that they are digitally send the very same day or at the latest the following day. By means of an online application our customers can download their invoices. Consequently we are saving substantial expenditure on paper. Ten years ago we were using three pallets of paper!

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Every day the electronic files are sent to the Acto Group by noon. There everything is printed and put in an envelope before 4.00 p.m. This guarantees that bpost will deliver the next day. The monitoring reports are open to inspection and I can confirm that the system works perfectly well.  The type of paper, a simple lay-out and the most practical format for our various customers have been defined beforehand. Acto Group is sending about 120.000 invoices per year. By outsourcing that part of our activity  we have substantially economized on the delivery charges of invoices. Moreover the Acto Group has less postal expenses than we would ever have obtained thanks to the annual volume of letters sent.

Logistic company in the pharmaceutical sector


Acto Group is our partner for outsourced document distribution. On the Friday afternoon peak moments, it is a challenge to keep calm when your printer suddenly breaks down. We now employ these employees for commercial and selection tasks which is for the better of our core business. In July there is a huge peak due to the student contracts. But Acto Group can perfectly handle peak moments and can easily and faultlessly cope with huge volumes. When we send the document electronically to the Acto Group before 3.30 p.m., we can rest assured that our customers or temporary employees receive it the next morning. Every morning we receive their sending confirmation of all documents.

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