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Who are we?

Docufast's core activity is mail handling of your transactional and administrative documents and Web2print (B2B). Whether or not in combination with manual finishing. And all this with a sustainable and social approach..


Rely on Docufast for


  • Up-to-date standard platform to create your documents, print (laserprinter) them (cutsheet) or inkjet (rollprinting) technology and put them in an envelope.
  • Stock management of your documents, writing paper and envelopes.
  • Budget friendly procedure implementing the best rates and best suited envelope size.
  • Fully automatic document feeder (ADF) with control code,  Mail ID barcode and other codes.
  • Constant check of  barcodes between output file and input printer file, destruction of the documents thrown out by the machine and reprint of failing of destroyed documents.


Direct Mail Services for administrative mailings

  • Individual personalisation: address of the receiver, bar codes, text paragraphs, figures, signatures …
  • Faultless conversion of your data to our production platform with a 100% correct personalisation as a result.  
  • Advice for the most efficient and economical printing.
  • Complete handling of your mailing: folding, automatically putting in an envelope, correct matching of documents.


Postal administration

  • Our production platform automatically processes according to the requirements of the postal services at the best economical postal rate. 


Web2Print (B2B)

  • Through our web2print platform, B2B customers can generate and order a wide range of printed matter online. (commercial printing, training courses, annual reports, etc.)


Sustainable entrepreneurship

  • Docufast operates with a specific focus on sustainable entrepreneurship, and in particular on the social aspect. To this end, we work together with the sheltered workshop Manufast for all manual tasks via on-site services. In this way, DocuFast also contributes to the employment of vulnerable people and diversity within their company.